About Me

My name is Heather and I am a craft-o-holic and also a Stay at Home Mother of two amazing boys and a brand new baby girl. My Prince, my Pumpkin, and my Princess are the center of my universe.

I started crafting as a child and haven't stopped since. I have taken many classes and learned hands on from many experts.

After the sudden loss of my mother, I needed a creative outlet for my grief. After countless sleepless nights, I turned back to crafting as a means of expression as well as a way to mentally wear myself out. The result is That Little Boutique. This is the home for all of my latest creations I am a turning my love for all things crafty into a career. For years I have been told from friends and family that I should sell my items. Well, I am going to take their advice. I hope you like my things as much as they do.